Wednesday, 9 November 2016

The Billy Goats Gruff by Hub 2

Whose that trip trapping over my bridge?!


  1. Hi,
    Your movie was just great. I liked the way you painted your faces to get into characters of Billy goats and the troll. The people who was reading the script was just fantastic. They read their scripts with lots of expression. Well done guys!

  2. Hi i love how you painted you're faces and i love how did it your way.

  3. Hi hub 2 i think your movie is awesome i liked the face paints
    how did you make the face paint

    thanks Nathan from hub 9

  4. Hi, Pax, Craig, Ella, Yurie and Brooke its Carmen here.

    Great movie, I know that you have been working so hard for so long. This my is my favorite movie at stonefields school because of the great narrator(sister) and the great face paints by Mum. It really took guts to stand up in front of all those children at the cinema and soon the adults at night so a job well done to all of you.
    Can you tell me how it went at night? Good luck

    1. Thanks Carmen actually my speaking went very well but I couldn't find the mask. So I didn't use the mask. I still did it. We did it in front of adults and their children. By Craig.

  5. Hi hub 2
    I think your video was great I really like the makeup you put on the character. How did you do the makeup.

    If you wanted to you could watch video at hub 9 blog.
    from Anh

  6. Hi, i love your actions and definitely love the part when the big billy goat gruff bashed the troll of the bridge. what a happy ending.

  7. Hi Learning Hub 2, your video was really great. I really like the last bit. I really like how you did the face paintings. Keep up the great work.

  8. Hi Hub 2,
    I really enjoyed watching your guys video that use created, it is very creative. It was funny when use said to eat your older sibling instead. Good job Hub 2 keep up the great work.

  9. Hi, Learning Hub 2
    Great movie, It is vital to stand up to your bullies and you should not let them get in the way. You face paint looked very realistic. You movie was very interesting and looking forward to watching you movie next year.

    Zahra, Panmure Bridge School

  10. Hi i am Brooke,
    I was the reader in the billy goats gruff story.
    My Mum did the face paints.I am performing tonight for manaiakalani.
    I am doing it with Craig.He is the troll.
    I hope you enjoyed the movie and a big thanks to my teacher Mrs Rucker.
    She made the movie.
    This movie was inspired by the bridge that the 11 building brothers made.
    They made the bridge for breakthrough.

    Kind regards,Brooke

  11. Hi I really liked your video. It was a great idea to use the bridge for the performance. Did you have fun sharing this video?

  12. Hi Ella,Brooke,Yurie,pax and Craig
    I really liked your face pants and

  13. Hi hub 2,
    I really liked your movie had a perfectl problem.I love the face paint. But what happened to the troll at the end

  14. Kia ora Craig,pax,Yurie,Ella I liked your face painting but the sound was a little to loud at the dinosaur part. Who did your face painting?

  15. Hi Hub 2 I like your video because you made it look like you were in the woods and I like at the end the troll disappeared and also at the start Iliked it how you made the three goats look like they were moving and I liked it how you made The Troll look like he was under the bridge that is why I liked your video

  16. Hi Stone field
    I really liked how you guys put a lot of effort into this. I hope you guys make another movie again so that I can watch it. The best part about the movie was how the oldest billy goat gruff beat the ugly troll and went to his siblings.
    Keep up the great work guys!

  17. Hi Hub 2

    Khloe really liked that you thought of the Billy Goats Gruff, and I thought your face paint was great.

    Dallas M thought it was really cool when they pushed him down at the end of the story. Go the goats!


  18. Thats a good movie i liked the troll the best next time do goat noises not dragons

  19. hi stonefield school i love your movie

  20. Hi i am from Hamilton east school. I like the movie because
    the face paint looked so real.
    From Jisu

  21. Hi we're from Hamilton East School, We really liked the makeup you guys did its very detailed. Who did the makeup? The Acting was marvelous.
    Kind Regards
    Hiba and Samirah

  22. Hi Stonefield School
    I'm from Hamilton East School, I loved your makeup it made the character look realistic and I liked your movie.Great work.

  23. Hi stonefield I will miss you room to and it is jaya my new teacher is miss Tumahai at
    Pt England love from jayla

  24. Hi Hub 2 i really loved your video of the three billy goats gruff because of the painting the acting it's just perfect so keep up the great work Hub 2 Bye.

    From Ayla